PST Discovery is a separate piece of software to Mailsafe, that discovers where each PST file is located on the network as well as local hard drives.

The PST files are not interrogated at the Discovery stage but simply report on the PST file name, where it is located, who created it, its size and when it was last opened.

The objective is to provide the user with a complete map of where all the PST files are stored and how much storage space they are taking up.

The emails in all PST files or individual PST files can then be selected, interrogated for each email and imported into the single instance email archiving Mailstore by using the PST Archive module. All the details relating to the email will be retained in the email archive so that searching, finding and viewing will be both fast and easy.

After all PST files have been imported into Mailsafe and Mailsafe’s ‘Compliance’ has been installed then the need for PST files is eliminated altogether and a ‘switch’ can be applied so that no further PST files can be created.

Please click here to view a brief whiteboard video regarding discovering where your PST files are.

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