Parking Old Emails outside of exchange

So you know that there are a number of ‘old’ emails cluttering up you Exchange server and you want to de-clutter it.  Mailsafe will enable you to do this but still make the ‘old’ emails available to search, find, view and return if required to a Mailbox via an Outlook toolbar ‘add in’.

Flexibility is provided whereby individual user mailboxes can be targeted or everyone’s emails older than a specified date can be ‘swept up’ and deleted.  This is a server side rule and function.

A user side ‘sweep up’ function is also available whereby ‘old’ emails are ‘swept up’ to the email archive and if they had been placed in Personal Folders then the Personal Folder details are also filed with the email in the archive.  Users can do all the normal generic searching together with Personal Folder details.

The ‘Parked’ emails storage can be ‘on site’ or ‘in the Cloud’ and SQL server or MySQL databases can be used.
Access to the archived emails can be based on a ‘Poweruser’ who has access rights to all archived emails i.e. there’s normally a limited number of Powerusers and their actions are logged.

Alternatively access to the archived emails can be based on email ownership and a self service basis i.e. if a user ‘owns’ an email because they sent, received or were CC’ed then they will be able to search, find, view and return a copy to their Mailbox.

Multiple copies of the same email can be returned to a Mailbox but the original email will remain in Mailsafe’s single instance email archive.

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