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For all NHS organisations interested in Mailsafe for email archiving or Exchange to NHSmail migrations, please visit our brand new dedicated website for this industry sector:


Mailsafe provides an archiving solution that can be used with your NHSmail account to archive an email from Outlook to a local storage solution within your organisation.

NHSmail users can select individual emails or groups of emails to be archived to Mailsafe’s single instance email archive Mailstore from their Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar. If the email to be archived has been placed in a user’s Personal Folder then these details will be retained with the email when it is archived.

Searching, finding, viewing and if necessary return to the user’s Mailbox is fast and accurate. Searching criteria can be generic i.e. Date ranges, FROM, TO, Subject text, Message text content, as well as Personal Folder selections. Please note that when an email is returned to a Mailbox the original archived email still remains in the email archive.

Small quota limits have been a problem with many NHSmail users and Mailsafe has an answer to this problem by enabling user side rules to be applied so that users can automatically ‘sweep up’ old emails to the archive and then delete from Outlook. Additionally users can select individual emails or groups of emails to be archived and have them automatically deleted from Outlook. They are still accessible via Outlook’s ‘add in’ toolbar, so that users feel that the email archive is simply an extension of Outlook and they keep below the quota limit.

By using PST Discovery and PST Archive any PST files can be located on the server or local hard drives, selected and imported into Mailsafe’s email archive, so that the need for PST files can be eliminated.

Comprehensive migration tools exist to help facilitate migration from Exchange server to NHSmail as well as Exchange to Exchange.

For Exchange users there are a number of functions available within Mailsafe to help and assist in the health of Exchange, Mailbox management as well as automatic archiving of both current and ‘old’ emails.

To learn more we suggest that you look at the following modules that might be of interest to you:

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