At the heart of Mailsafe is a single instance archiving system that uses a SQL server or MySQL database and a separate email archive Mailstore.  Mailsafe works with Microsoft’s Exchange and Outlook.

As each email to be archived is received by Mailsafe it extracts all the data relating to the email and updates the database tables. The email together with any attachments continues through to the email archive Mailstore where after compression and AES256 encryption the email is permanently archived. Typical storage savings are 50% when compared to Exchange’s and the ‘lean’ structure of the Mailstore means that backup storage requirements are also considerably reduced.

Archiving of emails can be server side or user side. Server side can use Journaling where all emails are archived as they flow in and out of Exchange see our Compliance module or can be a rules based server process e.g. archive all emails that are older than six months for selected users. All user side activity is via an Outlook ‘add in’ Toolbar where individual emails can be selected to be archived or users can set up their own archiving rules. Due to the interface with Outlook via a toolbar ‘add in’ and the fast searching facilities users treat the email archive as simply an extension of their own Mailbox.

Searching, finding and viewing is fast, secure and reliable. Anyone who has ‘ownership’ of an email i.e. they sent, received or were CC’ed on an email can search and find it from the Outlook ‘add in’. This enables users to ‘self service’ their searching, finding, viewing and retrieval requirements of archived emails. Emails in the archive can be searched for, found, viewed and where necessary retrieved back into the user’s Mailbox. It’s worth pointing out that ‘retrieval’ of an archived email means that the original email remains in the archive and forensically sound copy is delivered back to the user.

Searching for archived emails from the Mailsafe Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar is both fast and accurate because it’s based on SQL server or MySQL database searches. Generic searches are all ‘AND’ conditions and comprise of From Date, To Date, FROM email address, TO email address, Subject line Text, Message Text (phrase and words) as well as Advanced searches including Attachment file name or part of an Attachment file name. Google type ‘Search Within Results’ enables the user to build up and refine their search criteria.

In addition to Generic searches described above Personal Folder as well as Indexed tagging can be added too, so that finding the email that you want is both quick and easy.

Users can search and find their own emails, but there are two higher levels of searching access rights that are available i.e. Poweruser and Supervisor, so that searches across the whole email archive can be performed.

The core module is lean, proven and reliable that all other modules directly connect to. All other modules are an integral part of the overall Mailsafe product and each one can be either turned on or off to suit individual organisation’s needs and benefits.

To learn more we suggest that you look at the following modules might be of interest to you:

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