Exchange Mailbox Size Management

‘Old’ emails that no longer need to remain in Exchange can be automatically removed from Exchange and archived to the email archive Mailstore.

They will not be lost to the user and or the business because they can be searched for, found and viewed via Mailsafe’s Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar.

From the server, global or individual rules can be created enabling the Administrator to target all Mailboxes or individual Mailboxes. Based on ‘older than’ specific numbers of days, emails can be ‘swept up’ out of Exchange and automatically archived to the email archive Mailstore e.g. 60 days, 100 days etc.

This is an automatic background process and ensures that the Exchange server does not become ‘bloated’ with ‘old’ emails and that only current emails remain in Exchange. The result is a leaner and healthier Exchange server and also less time consuming backup time and space.

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