email tagging & sharing

Archived emails can be tagged with up to six indexing or tagging categories. The indexing or tagging categories can be set up centrally and applied to everyone or to a specific department. Each category can described and a drop down list applied to each category. This structure is ideal where a group of people are working within a smaller organisation, a department or on a project. For example on a construction project an email could be tagged with Branch Code, Site Identifier, Type of Work, Material Code etc.

In addition to the tagging rules Group sharing can be applied regarding who can search and view the archived email i.e. a Group of users can be applied to a tagged email. All members of the Group will have access to all archived emails that have been sent and received. If a query are request for information is received and a person is absent for whatever reason, then the full history of all emails that everyone in the Group has sent or received that relate to a project can be instantly viewed.

Tagging selections can be applied by the user selecting an email or group of emails in Outlook and the email is archived to the central email archive’s Mailstore. The original email can remain in Outlook or can be deleted from it.

Automatic tagging rules can be applied based on either email addresses or domain names, so that as an email is sent or received a rules lookup takes place and applied if there is a match.

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