Email Compliance

There are two ‘Compliance’ email archiving routes, the first is server side using Exchange’s Journaling facility and the second is when an email ‘lands’ in Outlook.

Turning on Exchange’s Journaling feature means that a copy of each and every email is made to the Journal and Mailsafe constantly monitors the Journal for the arrival of a Sent or Received email. Immediately the email in the Journal is picked up by Mailsafe’s services and processed through the single instance SQL server or MySQL database and on to the email archive Mailstore. After successful condensing and applying AES 256 encryption the archived email when being written to the email archive Mailstore, Mailsafe then deletes the email from the Journal and the next email to arrive in the Journal is processed.

The second form of ‘Compliance’ is user side whereby Journaling is not used and the email to be archived is automatically immediately on its arrival in Outlook. This process is unique to Mailsafe and after initial capture the email to be archived follows the same path that the Journaling process does through to the email archive Mailstore. User side ‘Compliance’ is ideal in a Cloud hosted environment because it’s not dependent at all on Exchange.

Rules can be set up to exclude certain types of emails being archived e.g. Spam, Out of Office replies, Music WAV files etc.

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