about mailsafe

Mailsafe, our own email archiving and mailbox management product, was first installed as a bespoke product in 2006 and was for 50 user mailboxes. Prior to that from 1998, when we were founded, we had been mainly involved in BACS and Document Management solutions.

Initially Mailsafe was a user side email archiving product that was an Outlook ‘add in’ that interfaced with Exchange, but as news spread customers wanted an additional ‘compliance’ server side solution.

We have always been ‘customer focused’ and pride ourselves in listening to what people really want and where appropriate we’ve included these requests into the base line product set. The core Mailsafe product remains ‘ring fenced’ because its original lean design still ‘holds good’ and it works very efficiently. By including a number of good requests from our customers, Mailsafe as a product has evolved into something that people want because it solves their email ‘pain points’ rather than a product that they are given. Our team are dedicated to selling, installing and supporting Mailsafe and our largest installed site has over 19,000 mailboxes.  By the way we still retain our original customer from 2006.

Based in the centre of Fleet, North Hampshire, U.K. is our main sales and marketing office where our team have a number of sporting interests, mainly revolving around football, cricket and golf (Justin Rose’s home course is less than a mile away).  All technical development and support is provided from our Brighton office. Recent product launches have included a Web App for mobile users, a Cloud version as well as a MySQL database version.

All of us are passionate about our product, we try to answer the phone within three rings, and are professional in the way that we approach all aspects of our relationship with you because you are important to us.

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