Mailsafe cloud

Mailsafe Cloud interfaces with Exchange/Outlook or Office 365.

Mailsafe Cloud has a very ‘lean’ architecture, the two core elements of which are its SQL server or MySQL database which resides on Tier 1 storage and a separate location for the single instance, encrypted email archive Mailstore which is on Tier 2 or 3 level storage.  The secure Mailsafe Cloud service is U.K. based and includes all the hardware, software, fast internet access at 100 Mbps for either an Outlook desktop or mobile device, as well as all support and maintenance. There is an agreed monthly cost based on numbers of Mailboxes, with an initial three month contract, thereafter it’s an automatic monthly renewal.

For NHS Exchange or NHSmail users there is a separate Mailsafe Cloud service that is inside the N3 network.

Users can archive current emails from within Outlook by using our Outlook ‘add in’ toolbar and selecting emails to be archived and from the same toolbar users can initiate searches. Alternatively  Mailsafe Cloud will do the archiving automatically for you by capturing all emails that appear in Outlook’s Inbox or Sent box.  The automatic archiving feature is unique to Mailsafe and is offered as a ‘User Side Email Compliance’ option.

Mailsafe Cloud is compatible with Office 365 where either user side archiving or user side email compliance can be used.  

All of the ‘on premise/site’ Mailsafe modules are available in Mailsafe Cloud.  

For information on pricing please contact us at or call 01252 758 124 

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